Commercial Law


Legal consulting regarding several sectors and industries:: Transportations (National and International), Logistics, Hotel, Metallurgy, F&B.

Customized legal advice on corporate infrastructure for specific projects according to the specific relevant business plans (capitalization, companies’ operation alignment, cash flows

Legal advice about on corporate development structures both on independent entities (stand-alone companies) and Groups of companies in accordance with OECD rules.

Commercial contracts between national and multinational entities on several issues related with different Sectors and Industries (International transportations, Oil, Co-labelling, Licensing, Distribution, IP software license, Franchise).

Corporate operation and structure on a cross-border basis (incorporations, contracts & transactions related thereto) including incorporation, integration, and operation of legal entities & Branches in Greece and EU.

Corporate transformations: M&As & conversions into other legal forms.

Corporate Secretariat: Providing legal assistance on BoD & Gen. Assemblies’ and Administrators’ Minutes of meetings.